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What’s the difference between people who decide to buy, donate, or work with you—and those who don’t? It’s trust. Getting through to an audience can be complicated. We have plenty of information, but so much of it conflicts. At the same time, too many leaders with big promises let us down. That’s why, despite our connectivity, we’re mostly disengaged, skeptical—and immobilized. To make an impact, leaders need to do more than stand out. They need to focus on the ABCs:


In order to engage people, you need to truly understand them. That means listening before talking, asking questions that matter to them, understanding their values, and big picture problems. It also means understanding the context of their lives—what’s going on around them that will affect the way they relate to and respond to your invitation? By understanding your audience, you are building the language of empathy and speaking in a way that says, “We get you.”


Good brands don’t focus on their product or service, but on a bigger ideal. By connecting to enduring human values, these organizations build a loyal following and realize exponential growth. A strong brand is not about what you do, but what you help your customers, funders, or employees do—based on the values and outcomes that intrinsically motivate them.


Great content allows you to colourfully stand out in a sea of beige, and connect powerfully with your audience’s minds and hearts. More than being entertained, informed, or distracted, people are dying to be inspired and engaged. We’re hard-wired for meaning and mission. Great content helps those we lead believe in their own potential for greatness—leading to engaged and committed followers ready to help you make good on your promises.


It’s not enough to communicate your brand—you have to live it. That’s why the people organizations most need to engage aren’t customers, but employees. Employees bring the brand to life in every part of the operation. If they don’t, you’ve lost trust—and credibility. That can undermine your growth and impact.

Here’s the bad news: some eighty-seven percent of employees are disengaged—increasing hiring and recruitment costs, and reducing productivity and profitability. Organizations with an engaged/higher purpose, engaged owners, managers, and employees have: 87% greater employee retention, 21% improved productivity levels, 10% increased customer retention and 22% greater profitability. Most impressive? Companies that invested just another 10% in engagement initiatives increased their profits by $2400/employee.

Cause & Effect Marketing supports leaders who are dynamic forces for good in their industries and communities. How? By helping you:

  • Understand what drives employee and customers. This is important because your brand isn’t what you say it is—what matters is what your audiences believe, think, and feel about you.
  • Understand your competitive environment and your unique offering within that market.
  • Articulate the brand attributes that uniquely define you—and reflect the higher purpose behind your work.
  • Inspire your employees to live the brand in everything they do—creating more engaged, innovative, and productive workers.
  • Engage customers and influencers through strategic marketing.
  • Guide execution, because consistent communication is essential for maintaining credibility and trust.
  • Measure and close gaps through various feedback mechanisms including Tne Engagement Multiplier™—an easy and cost-effective online program that gives you the power to create an organization of energized, innovative, and productive people fulfilling their potential.

Through this process, our clients have enjoyed a multiplier effect on their organizations—often doubling in size as they increase their market share and impact.

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