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If it matters, measure it

If it matters, measure it

For the past year I’ve been planning and promoting a public awareness campaign designed to change attitudes around responding to sexual assault. The campaign has been hugely successful. We know because we measured attitudes and behaviour before and after.

To better understand our audience, prior to the campaign we asked 1000 Albertans: Would you know what to say to someone who told you he or she had been sexually assaulted? And, What would you say? We asked the same questions after the campaign.

As the attached infographic illustrates, the number of people who would give a positive response (I’m sorry that happened, it’s not your fault, I believe you) to a sexual assault survivor increased dramatically–more than doubling!

Just as impressive: the campaign only lasted eight weeks with a very small media buy. Our success came through collaboration with post-secondary institutions, media outlets who ran free PSAs, and government and community agencies who promoted through their networks.

Because they held themselves accountable and measured their results, the organization that led this campaign has seen a dramatic increase in influence and credibility, and has a strong position for future funding.

What matters in your world that you need to measure?

IBY infographic